Knowing the side bets of Great Pairs

With our guide to Perfect Pairs European Blackjack, raise your earnings by knowing if the odds are in your favor.

One of the most common variants of blackjack online is Perfect Pairs European Blackjack.

With the inclusion of several side bets, the game functions like standard European Blackjack. Depending on the result of their cards – and the dealer’s – players will win special pots.

Let’s take a closer look at the bet on Ideal Pairs to see if a bankroll is worth investing in.

How online the Perfect Pairs bet works

You can understand how Great Pairs Blackjack works if you’ve played 바카라사이트.

Players are dealt two face-up cards, with one up and one down earned by the dealer. The target is to get more cards (“hit”) until you reach 21, or as close to it without busting.

You “stand” if you want to avoid collecting cards, and your turn is done. When you beat the sum of the dealer, or the dealer goes over 21 (“bust”), you win.

The player puts in a bet at the beginning of a hand and can take an optional insurance bet worth 3/2. You earn 2/1 on your insurance bet if the dealer hits blackjack (a natural 21).

With Ideal Sets, the difference is that you still have some exciting side bets to put down. The player’s first two cards decide the payout. You’re in fine shape for a win if you get dealt a pair.

Side Bet Payouts:

Mixed Pair (e.g. 2 hearts – 2 spades): A mixed pair is a pair of two separate (red/black) colours. 7/1 pays for this.

Color Pair (e.g. 3 hearts – 3 diamonds): This is a pair of different suits of the same colour. It costs fifteen/1.

Great Pair: This is a pair of cards of the same rank AND suit (e.g. Jack hearts – Jack hearts). 30/1 is charged.

Great Plan for Pairs and tips

When you play Perfect Pairs European 바카라사이트, it’s important to understand how many cards are available.

Two decks of cards can be used in a regular online Perfect Pairs game. The chances of you hitting the same two cards (a “perfect pair”) are therefore higher than the 30/1 given in the payouts. And if a shoe has 6-8 decks, there are thousands of chances of being dealt two cards identically.

The side bets in Perfect Pairs add to the game a different aspect. Maybe stick to the Mixed Pair bet if you are going to gamble a small stake. This provides you with a couple more cards to hit in the shoe.

Whatever stakes you are playing at, when playing Perfect Pairs, optimal blackjack strategy is critical. So, it’s crucial to know when to “hit” and “stand.”

For instance, dividing high pairs in online blackjack is often a good bet. But if you have a side bet sitting on the result of your hand, this isn’t always possible.

Alternate side bets for Blackjack online

There are a number of other 바카라사이트 blackjack games that feature side bets. The general gameplay varies in some instances as well.

Blackjack Turn:

Players earn bonus payouts on a variety of side bets in this blackjack variant.

The player gets dealt two hands at the beginning of a game. The side bet pays 5/1 if they get dealt a pair at the beginning of a hand.

Then the technique of separating pairs comes into play. It costs 8/1 to obtain two sets. And the side bet pays 40/1 if the player gets quads (four cards the same).

As in European Blackjack, Blackjack Switch players can take out insurance and double down.

Super Fun 21:

The “fun” is put into standard blackjack by this version.

The gameplay follows European Blackjack, but there are bonus payouts for hitting a two-diamond (2/1) blackjack, making 21 with five or fewer (2/1) cards, and making 20 with less than six (1/1) cards.

Blackjack Double Attack:

Double Attack Blackjack has more action on side bets than other versions. The more unlikely the result is, the greater the reward.

The highlight of Double Attack Blackjack is the ‘Bust It’ bet.

If the dealer busts three cards, the player wins the side bet (and exactly three).

There are also bets on everything from a photo card (3/1) to the dealer busting with a nine (6/1) or busting with a seven (10/1) to the dealer’s up card.

If the dealer is busted with 8-8-8 of the same colour, the player will earn a 50/1 payout.

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