Solar Panels for Sale

With the fast emerging world of solar power, solar photovoltaic panels are now in high demand and are up for sale in many stores all around the world and online shopping centers. The solar panels for sale can either be brand new or fairly used. Solar panels that produce 10-20 watts to heavy duty solar panels that produce 215 and above watt are all available for sale. There are several companies that produce solar panels for sale, they include:

* BP solar: This Company is one of the leading solar panel producers in the world. It offers solar panels that range from 5-200 watts and the price range is within $60-$20,000.

* Alternative Energy Engineering (AAE): This is another reliable company that produces solar panels for sale. Their products range from 5 watt solar panels to 80 watt solar panels. The price range is between $64 and $673.

*Evergreen Solar: This Company produces durable and reliable solar panels for sale, their products are considerably expensive. They offer 115 watt to 205 watt solar panels with prices ranging from $588 to $18,700.

*Kyocera Solar: This Company produces solar panels that range from 16 to 130 watts, the price range is within $100 and $8,200.

*Mitsubishi Solar also produces good solar panels for sale. The price range for the products is between $620 and $800 with watt range from 125 to 185.

*Power up Solar: This is a leading producer of small solar panels that can be used at home. The solar panels for sale range from 1 to 40 watts and the price is within $22 to $411.

*Sanyo Solar panels are also available for sale; the Company produces some of the most efficient solar panels in the world. The watt range of the products is within 100 to 125 with prices ranging from $800 to $32,000.

*Sharp is another formidable company in the production of solar panels for sale. The prices for the products fall within $1332 to about $25,125, with 62 to 235 watt range.

*Suntech Solar produces aesthetically appealing solar panels for sale. The cost for these solar panels is within $414 to $15,690 and 85 to 270 watt.

Thin film solar panels are also available for sale. These are basically new model solar panels that have undergone modifications in design, durability, performance and adaptability. The price for thin film solar panels range from 95 to 995 dollars.

*Canadian Solar: This Company also provides a variety of solar panels for sale.

Most of the products from the above companies are available for sale at eBay, Amazon and ecodirect. Judging from the prices, people might want to dismiss solar panels as being too expensive. But if time is taken to consider the amount of money to be saved in the long run, it would be seen as an investment that will certainly pay off. There are solar panels for sale everywhere, why not grab one now!

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