Main Features of Home Solar Panels

The sources which were being used for power generation purposes such as gas, coal, oil is running out quickly. These sources of energy generation are also very expensive now a day. Beside this while generating power by consuming oil, gas or coal environment becomes polluted. But by using the solar energy we can generate power like electricity without polluting our atmosphere.

Only the sunshine is required to get electricity under this process. As technology is moving ahead always, by using the portable solar panel we can generate electricity anytime and anywhere we need. For understanding the working principles of a home solar panel it is important to know about the basic elements of a home solar panel system.

Solar Panel is the most essential and important component of this system. Solar lights get the power from the sun. The power from the sun light must hit onto the solar panel and then collects for later use. This is the main objective of a solar panel.

Inside the system PV cells are one kind of semiconductor material, most of the time silicon that takes the energy from the sunlight. Then massive numbers of electron travels as a current into the circuit within the panel resulting electricity flowing occurrence. Then the electricity is stored inside of a battery.

There is a battery connected with your light system. Normally, the solar panel is connected to a nickel-metal hydride, NiMH, battery through a diode. The stored electricity then flows from the panel to the storage battery for using when you need it. The power generation process can be continued based on the sun is giving her rays on the solar cells.

Generally, the batteries that come with these systems are rated for around 16 hours of use. However, if you have a cloudy or overcast day such as in rainy seasons the lights won’t be able to reach to the panel in sufficient amount and you won’t get 8 hours backup.

You will be able to find many solar panels for sale offers over online. Now a day solar panels are available for both domestic usage and for industrial purposes. Industrial solar panels are large power generation system and home solar panels are comparatively smaller system. But the basic elements are the same.

The main advantages of home solar panel are it is cost effective. You do not need to pay high electricity bills if you have home solar panel system. Beside this it is also eco friendly. There are many other advantages. The main disadvantages of this system are this system is not effective in rainy seasons. And if your home is not exposed in a sunny area then may be you won’t be benefited.

Whatever, home solar panes are really effective for minimizing the cost of electricity billing. And it is really easy to find solar panel for sale offers over internet or in your locality. But try to remember that, In case of buying a large system for industry it is very important to take a technician for the installation of the system properly.

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