Home Made Solar Panels

A homemade solar panel simply put is ‘a solar panel that is made in the comfort of the house for use or for sale’. For sometime, solar energy has been used as an alternative to fossil fuel energy. Solar energy is usually harnessed through the use of solar cells. These solar cells however are fragile and cannot trap enough sunlight to generate considerable electricity. This has led to the assembling of several photovoltaic cells to generate enough power and ensure stability.

This assembly of solar cells to form a system is what is referred to as a solar panel. It is also referred to as photovoltaic module or photovoltaic panel. Solar panels are used to provide electricity for commercial and domestic purposes. The problem with these solar panels however is that they are very expensive with price ranging from 500 dollars to several tens of thousands of dollars. The least priced costs about 10 dollars per watt; this can definitely not be afforded by many households.

Homemade solar panels have arisen as a way for lesser households to own solar panels. As was said earlier, it is about making your own solar panels in other to reduce cost. Making homemade solar panels is made easier with the aid of solar panel kits sold all over. The solar panel kits contain most of the necessary materials to make a solar panel and guides to help you. Alternatively, homemade solar panels can be made using damaged and factory second solar cells that work just as well as new expensive ones.

Home made solar panels are the best option for those looking for a way out of the rising energy and gas costs. Homemade solar panels are equivalent to free electricity; they are also environment and life friendly. The task of making homemade solar panels may seem daunting at first but once your mind is set, you can accomplish the task. It is basically a coupling of several solar cells and packaging them into a solar panel which is normally a box that traps sunlight and converts it into electricity.

Compared to hiring a professional or buying a new solar panel, making your own solar panels is relatively cheaper.

Building your own home made solar panel is more economical and can reduce your electric bill by over 80 percent. A solar cell is usually made with the use of a sheet of copper, two alligator clip leads, a sensitive ammeter that reads current, an electric stove, a large clear plastic bottle cut at the top, table salt, sand paper, an electric drill and sheet metal shears. With all these materials, you have half accomplished the task of making your own homemade solar panel.

Using a homemade solar panel would only cost you close to a hundred dollars which cannot be compared to the hundreds of dollars you would have otherwise paid for electricity annually. The homemade solar panel is easy to install and can be used to store power for the future.

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