DIY Solar Panels

A DIY solar panel simply means ‘do it yourself’ solar panels. Photovoltaic solar panel which is a network of photovoltaic cells is fast becoming the best way to derive, convert and store energy from the ultraviolet light rays of the sun. With the problems of fossil fuels, solar energy is fast becoming an alternative source of power. The problem with solar energy is that the solar panels used to convert the sunlight rays are very expensive. It is very difficult for households with little income to afford solar n solar panels usipanels. This is where DIY solar panels come in.

DIY solar panels put to rest the problem of financial worries about solar panels. DIY solar panel is an alternative to buying fairly used solar panels that do not last long. You can make you owng blemished and used solar cells from eBay. If you want to use unblemished, new solar cells, it is even better but more expensive. There are DIY solar panel kits all over the internet providing step by step guidance on how to make your own solar panels.

Several considerations must be borne in mind in making DIY solar panels. These include the climatic and geographical location of the place, the direction the roof of the building faces, whether the roof provides enough protection from the weather for the solar panels, when the roof is going to be renovated, the type of roof being used etc. In addition to solar cells, to create your own solar panel you will need conductive copper mesh, glue, a multimeter and any conductive brush.

Building your own DIY home solar panels might seem very difficult but with the proper mindset and the appropriate tools you can accomplish the feat in little to no time. The solar panel is basically a box so you can even used wood or any other material. You would need basic working tools like screw drivers, saw, drills, wood glue. You would also need to wire the solar cells to the solar panel, for this you would need copper wires, wire cutters, wire strippers, a soldering iron and soldering wire. With all these tools, it is just a matter of connecting the several solar cells into the solar panel.

Using DIY solar panels save a lot of money as it costs less than $200 compared to the several hundreds of dollars you would have spent on electric bills. With DIY solar panels, your electricity is near free, you would not have to spend any other money save for maintenance after the installation. A well constructed DIY solar panel is very durable and can serve for many years with proper maintenance. This is the best alternative to the diminishing fossil fuel supplies and increasing electric power charges all over the world. These solar panels do not cause any form of environmental pollution, it is clean, renewable and has an unlimited source. There are also ready-made DIY solar panels that cost a few hundred dollars.

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