Buying Cheap Solar Panels: Cost Effective Or Insane?

If you are interested in implementing solar panels in your house, you might be a bit worried about the expense; you might go about looking for the cheapest solar panels out there that would get the job done. However, cheaper is not always better. If you buy a used car, you can either end up with a mechanically sane vehicle that will get you from your house to your job and back, or you might end up buying a used car that has mechanical problems that end up costing you a handful. Possibly costing you more than what you paid for initially! Buying cheap solar panels are pretty much the same thing. They can be a nightmare, or a great bargain.

If you are looking into building your own solar panels using broken solar cells as a means to save money, you should definitely rethink that approach. For one, when you buy broken cells, you will have to take into consideration the possibility of encountering some useless cells within the pack of solar cells. You must also consider the investment in additional copper wiring and solder flux to wire everything together to create enough electric power to actually make a useful solar panel. If you want to use broken solar cells, use them as a means to experiment. Do not use them to build solar panels that you will actually rely on to bring you electricity.

If you really want to decrease your expenses while buying a solar panel you should look into buying “blemished” solar panels for your project. There are a lot of manufacturers who offer major discounts on solar panels that might have some cosmetic defects that have no affect on the panel’s ability to produce electricity. Some of these solar panels come with a warranty. This can be a very good option to look into. And in case, check with your insurance company and see if they provide coverage for the type of solar panels you will purchase. Some of these “blemished” solar panels have not gone through the Underwriters Laboratories approval process, which might void your insurance coverage all together.

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